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Whether your webcast is focused on communications, sales, investor relations, or corporate communications, we have the tools and the resources to make it happen; you can now distribute your message whenever you need to and in your own way. Some of the world's most recognized companies have trusted us for their webcast and webinar needs.

We believe we are the best in the business, but don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our customers say. The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us since 2002.
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I want to thank you personally and thank your team for helping us during this crisis last night. You took your customer service to a level which helped us immensely. This relationship is key to the success of Commercial Banking and your support is really appreciated. Scott Young, Communications Manager - CIBC

Scotiabank   Certified Management Accountants   Thomson Reuters

With Webcast Inc.'s solutions such as podcasts, webinars, webcasts and video productions you will be able to communicate regularly and effectively with a widespread audience, view statistical reports, and offer online accreditation.

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Intel   Bell

Webcast Inc. can provide collaborative products and services that can be used to gather real-time feedback and responses from customers, potential customers, employees and business partners. We have developed cutting-edge solutions that have incorporated webcasting products for many companies in the technology sector.

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Our video production and other webcast services can help create more enhanced and unique customer experiences by bringing your retail store or outlet to your customers through live in-store product launches, demonstrations and other events.

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Patient care could improve dramatically if you could provide increased access to important health information. Our continuing education products help your organization deliver interactive multimedia presentations to professionals. Webcast Inc. has developed custom Continuing Medical Education (CME) for pharmaceutical companies and educational institutions. Our programs are complete with self-examinations and course evaluations. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Transfer of knowledge between medical professionals through online sharing of detailed instructions and images, thereby expanding access to medical education with maximum convenience for the entire medical community. Creating such environment will surely add a new dimension to patient care.
  • Enhancing patient care by facilitating rapid communication of crucial, timely information and availing health information on-demand.
  • Becoming a leader in healthcare by professionally promoting your special skills and know-how, to attract patients, faculty and/or students. Through professional collaboration, you will also be able to foster creativity and innovations.
  • Efficiently using available resources through reaching wider audiences and meeting increasing demands for information with less time and effort.
  • Generating new revenue through funding and continuing medical education.

Common health applications include the following:

  • Education: grand rounds, distance learning, continuing medical education
  • Treatment and training: telemedicine, on-demand medical information, caregiver training
  • Coordination and outreach: emergency response coordination, public health announcements

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Webcasting can facilitate communication within your business since you could deliver more information to more employees with minimal effort. We can help you capture critical information and securely webcast it live over the Internet. Employees can then watch in real-time or later on-demand. Here are some of the benefits your corporation may achieve:

  • Building stronger teams through increasing transparency and promoting direct and friendly communication between management and employees, thereby fostering better cooperation and team spirit.
  • Boosting corporate efficiency through allowing your employees to access important company information live, quickly and accurately, and preventing interruptions as workers watch on-demand at their own convenience.
  • Addressing all employees at the same time, regardless of their physical location, thereby reducing travel, meeting the demands of mobile, distributed workers, and ultimately enhancing communication between distributed employees and team leads.
  • Enhancing employee skills by delivering on-demand and live employee training, allowing new hires to gain speed immediately. You will have the ability to track participants, and allow trainees to leave with the content of the training (slides, video and audio). You can also use closed captioning to address accessibility or language gaps.
  • Conserving limited resources by creating learning content in real-time, generating cost savings over having the trainer travel to various locations to repeat the same instruction, maintaining employee productivity while in training, removing any additional preparation for trainers, with no pre-loading or pre-production, and eliminating time-consuming editing.

Effective applications of webcasting technology in business include the following:

  • Executive communications: state of the enterprise speeches, all-hands meetings
  • Workforce development: training, HR briefings, policy documentation
  • Program management: technical training, research collaboration
  • Sales and marketing: sales demonstrations, webinars, channel relations
  • Customer support: product tutorials, self-guided troubleshooting
  • Investor relations: earnings calls, analyst briefings, annual reports

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Webcast Inc. has a fully equipped video production house to help you produce your non-profit or fundraising videos, from initial concept to staging, production, editing, broadcasting and website implementation. Our full-range state-of-the-art post-production video services include non-linear edit facilities, 3D animation, special effects and image manipulation. Learn more about Webcast Inc. post and video production services

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The success of the workshop event can be attributed to the excellence of execution. I would like to thank your Unikron team for contributing to the success of my presentation. I would like to thank you, as well, for your organization's commitment to meeting my tight time frame... Stephen Chait, Ec.D. - Economic Development Director, Town of Markham

Webcast Inc. provides interactive solutions for streaming audio and video broadcasts of government announcements, meetings and other special events. We can deliver your live or on-demand multimedia content to quickly disseminate information and increase your program’s effectiveness. Here are some of the benefits your organization may achieve:

  • Increasing communication through broader, more convenient access to information, with greater clarity, frequency and convenience. Your organization will be able to disseminate time-sensitive announcements promptly and accurately and will easily archive public meetings and listening sessions.
  • Promoting direct communication between project teams, communicating efficiently across jurisdictions, and timely documenting response needs for natural disasters and emergency preparedness.
  • Delivering training quickly and easily, reaching wider audience, reducing the time and cost of travel, and availing training material to employees at anytime from anywhere.
  • Maximizing resources’ efficiency by realizing savings in travel time, meeting expenses, printing and mailing costs, decreasing staff time spent fielding the same questions, and maintaining employee productivity while in training.

Popular applications of webcasting technology in the public sector include the following:

  • Program management: relief work, military coordination, emergency preparedness
  • Community outreach: committee meetings, public safety announcements
  • Training, workshops and events: just-in-time, on-demand and remote learning
  • Executive and legislative communications: constituent relations, public speeches, debates

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Our products such as webinars, live streaming webcasts, podcasts, and educational training help your organization deliver your message. Webcast Inc. has developed custom programs complete with course evaluations. Learners can then watch in real-time, later on-demand or listen on-the-go with podcasting.

The following are some areas where your institution could benefit if you could turn what happens in the classroom into instant online courses:

  • Expanding your influence through teaching once and reaching many audiences, and ensuring distance learners and traditional students receive the same quality education. You will also realize increased enrollment without investing in new classrooms or facilities. In addition, you will help adult students achieve much better work-life balance.
  • Boosting knowledge retention by enabling students to review material at their own pace for an unlimited number of times, by creating more interactive and personal online experiences, and through capturing complex graphics to enhance visualization.
  • Staying competitive by meeting the requirements of both media-savvy students and older educators, by building e-learning programs quickly and easily, communicating innovations with peer institutions, and generating new revenue from campus facilities.
  • Gaining competitive advantage over traditional classroom offerings, thereby attracting the best faculty and brightest students, and creating new revenue channels by adopting distance learning and continuing education programs, and enhancing recruitment and alumni relations initiatives.

Popular applications of webcasting technologies in education include the following:

  • Online lectures: students review content outside of in-class instruction
  • Distance learning: off-campus students learn remotely online
  • Continuing education: professionals learn online or to supplement classroom experiences
  • Research and collaboration: present findings, facility training
  • Recruitment and orientation: campus tours, financial aid instructions
  • University business: leadership meetings, alumni relations

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